About the project


Fashion industries need a flexible workforce that responds to the development of the globalized market and the trend and need for internationalization. The workforce needs to be well qualified and ready to face the increased competition and rapid technological changes. To be able to compete in the global market, fashion industries have to be smarter and able to adapt to changes. To achieve this, fashion industries need new education and training systems and tools for their existing and potential workforce in order to respond to the demands of the labour market and the global competition. In a framework of global competition, innovation and development are crucial elements to provide fresh impetus to a sustainable and competitive industry.

In this context, the EXTRO SKILLS project will design and develop an innovative and comprehensive training protocol for export personnel of fashion industries, using ICT-based learning approaches and methodologies that will offer essential transversal skills for enabling them be ready to respond to international trade and market demands and enhancing the extroversion and the competitiveness of the industry as a whole. Bringing together the different sectors of fashion industries, the training protocol will follow a comprehensive learner-centered approach and will be coupled with an integrated certification framework, based on acquired knowledge, skills and competences, in line with the European Qualification Framework (EQF).


•    Project Full Title : Developing New Skills for the Extroversion Specializations of Fashion Industry in Europe
•    Project Acronym : EXTRO SKILLS
•    Project Duration : 30 months 
•    Funding Scheme : ERASMUS+ 
•    Participating Countries : Greece, Spain, Romania, United Kingdom, Belgium


The overall objective of EXTRO SKILLS project is the design and implementation of an innovative and comprehensive training protocol. The platform will focus on online training and will facilitate dissemination of knowledge and sharing of experience. Moreover, it will serve as a medium for all stakeholders in the field to share concerns and advice, as well as promote employment opportunities.



Sub objectives to be achieved:

The Extro – Skills project will bring the gap between fashion industries and lack of specific expertise and experts in fashion industries SME’s.



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